What to do on two days in Berlin – Inspirations

What to do on two days in Berlin - Inspirations

Berlin goverment building

We started our interrail trip with two days in Berlin. Berlin is a city with a lot of history and important events, but I won’t talk about those now. I will just give you a quick and short overview on what we did in two days that you can see as an inspiration.


Day 1:

1. Reichstag and brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger tor Berlin

We arrived in the morning at Berlin central station and immediately went to the two most famous and important buildings, since they are all very close to each other. Since it was still early (around 10 o’clock) the city wasn’t full at all. Next to the Brandenburgertor you can also find the memorial to all the jewish people who died during the Second World War.

After our walk we went to our airbnb which was very nice.

2. Schloss Charlottenburg

Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin

We didn’t go inside the castle, but already the outside and the park around it is worth a visit if you want to go for a walk or have a picnic somewhere.

3. Museumsinsel

berliner dom

Not only the museum buildings and the dome of Berlin, which you can find at this station is amazing, but also the underground station itself is one of the prettiest underground stations of the city.

4. Town hall and TV tower

From the museuminsel we walked to the townhall and the ac tower.

5. Gendarmenmarkt

Day 2:

1. Shopping at Kurfürstendamm

We started day two with a little bit of shopping at Kurfürstendamm. A street where you can find everything you need.

2. Siegessäule


Our next stop was the famous Siegessäule with the golden angel. 

3. Mall of Berlin

The mall of Berlin is a big mall in the center next to the German „Bundesrats“ building.

4. Failed boat tour and walking around

In the end of our last day we actually had a sightseeing boat tour planned for which one we were really excited. Unfortunately we had some problems finding the start point and so we arrived pretty late (still two minutes before the boat should have actually left), but the boat left without us. We went for a walk and crossed other famous places like the Potsdamer Platz and went out for Pizza in the evening. 


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