How to spend three days in Copenhagen

How to spend three days in Copenhagen

Copenhagen nyhavn


We didn’t plan a lot for our visit in Copenhagen and I think that made our stay perfect. If you are looking online for „what you have to do in Copenhagen“ you will find the famous sightseeing locations. They are all definitely worth to see and I will also mention them, but actually those aren’t a lot and there are still more things that are nice to see.


Stroget, your starting point

We started walking down the street of our airbnb and landed very soon on Radhuspladsen. It’s a very impressive place with a lot of life and the town hall. We also crossed the Tivoli entrance (It’s a very old and famous amusement park) but we didn’t go in. 

From there we continued and walked along Stroget, Copenhagen’s shopping street. (The longest pedestrian zone of Europe!). We went through some shops and enjoyed the beautiful houses and streets. If you follow Stroget you will also reach Copenhagen’s most famous location: Copenhagen Nyhavn

Copenhagen Nyhavn:

The colourful houses are beautiful and not for no reason that famous and full of people. Also the streets around are super cute and we really enjoyed walking there. 

The king`s garden and Castle Rosenborg

We passed this Park a couple of times before even realising that it was the castle’s park. Kings garden is a very big park and is the perfect location for a picnic. You can sit on benches or directly on the grass. Not far away you’ll also find the castle which looks like it`s out of a Disney movie. You can enter the castle but we decided to save the money and enjoy it from outside. 

Lake view and boat rental

One day we wanted to pick up some food from togoodtogo and we crossed this little lake called „Peblingersee“. There was a wonderful sunset and we sat on a bench and had our food. There is a boat rental where you can rent pedalos which looked really fun. „Peblingersee“ is only one of the five small lakes in that area that are located right next to each other. 


This is another small Parc that we only crossed by coincidentally, but we really liked. There are also some statues and to see.

The mermaid


The mermaid is a must-see attraction, although I don’t really see the point of it. I remember how disappointed I was that she actually had two legs, the first time visiting Copenhagen as a child. (I still am, can’t call it a mermaid). Nevertheless you can visit her, because the port next to it, is a very nice place. 

Beach: Amager Strand

I don’t know if I should really recommend going to this beach, because when we visited it it was extremely full and loud, so that we didn’t even want to go inside the water. But if you are going off season it is probably way nicer and definitely worth a visit. It’s located near the city and easily reachable by train. 

Church: Marmorkirken

Impressive church! You should definitely step by. 

That’s it, but like I said before, just walking around will lead you to the most beautiful alleys and buildings!




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