Your perfect FIRST day in London: Sightseeing route


London is a city full of great things to discover. Here you’ll find a list (at the end) and a route for your perfect first sightseeing day in this amazing city. (Famous monuments, places, etc…)

1. Stop: Tower of London, Tower bridge, the shard

The first stop of this route is the underground station „monument“. From there you can walk along the thames and see London skyscrapers until you reach the Tower of London. Only a few meters away from it you will also see the tower bridge. After you crossed the bridge, you can follow the river back to your old direction. On this walk you will pass by the shard, London highest building. You can buy tickets to go up there, but I recommend to visit other view points that are fully free like the sky garden which is also located in this area. (You just need to buy tickets in advance). Now you’ll see the underground station „London Bridge“, from where you can go to your next stop. 

Stop 2: Camden Market

3. Camden market

Camden Market is the perfect place if you like street food, handmade jewlery and art and vintage clothes. There is a big variety of all the food you can think of and everything is totally affordable and not expensive compared to most places in London. It tastes amazing! It’s located at the station „Camden Town“

Stop 3: Buckingham palace

After you arrived at „Green park“ station, you need to walk about 5 minutes through Green park until you reach the Buckingham palace. There are a lot of signs, so you’ll find it easily. From now on you’ll be able to walk to your next few stops! 

Stop 4: St. James Park

st james park London

Your next stop will be Westmister Abby and the Big Ben. But on the way there you will walk through St. James Park. Here you can see a lot of cute animals like squirrels and even pelicans. You also have this amazing view on the Buckingham palace. After the park you’ll get to see a lot of impressive buildings like the HM Treasury.

Stop 5: Westminster Abby & the Big Ben

6. Westminster abby

You reach the famous Big Ben, Westminster Abby and the river Thames again. You will also have a good view on the London eye which is located on the other side of the river.

Stop 6: Piccadilly Circus & China Town

12. China Town

If you aren’t tired yet, you can walk to the famous piccadilly circus to have a small New York timesquare feeling. Otherwise you can also take the underground from Westmister to Piccadilly Circus Station. From here you’ll walk to China town where you can find a lot of asian street food and cheap all you can eat restaurant. (I recommend coming to both places at night time as well). 

(Stop 7: St. Paul's cathedral)

If it’s not too late and not dark yet, go and visit the St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

Your bucket list FOR YOUR FIRST DAY IN LONDON (summarised):

What you can do on your second day, will come soon 🙂 



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