What to do on a rainy day in London: Free museums in London

Free Museums London

natural history museum London

A trip to London can be quite expensive, but there are some things you can do without spending money.

Here is a list of FREE museums.

No. 1: The natural history museum

The natural history museum is very impressive and a must visit when you are in London. The building looks like a part of Hogwarts and the bug skeleton you’ll see are amazing. 

No.2: Sir John Soane`s museum

The sir John Soane`s museum is not one of Londons biggest and most famous museums. It’s a tiny house of the architect Sir John Soane. It is worth visit, but you must know that there are no signs or descriptions on the walls, so to know what you are actually looking at, you should inform yourself before going.

No. 3: The Tate modern


The building and the story a very interesting. I am not the biggest fan of modern art, but there are some exceptions.

No. 4: Victoria and Alberts

This is my absolute favourite museum. It has so many different things to offer like sculptures, asian art, fashion, photography and more. There is something for everyone. 

No. 5: The national gallery

An impressive museum full of famous art.

No. 6: The British Museum

Tbh I didn’t spend too much time in there and I so didn’t discover the best parts of it (if there are). What I have seen was pretty average and I didn’t love it. The entrance hall is amazing tho.




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