My top 15 (solo-) travel essentials

Travel essentials


Here are my top 11 travel must haves that I take with me on every trip! All of them are from amazon, so you just need to click on the link to find them!

1. Key chain alarm

This is a small key chain can literally save lives and is a must have for all female solo travellers. It’s a key chain with not only a flash light but also a very loud alarm that will turn on as soon as you pull the string out. Easy like that you will feel much saver on the streets. 

It comes in a package, so you can share it with your friends! 

2. Packing cubes

These packing cubes make my life a lot easier. When you are living out of a backpack or a suitcase, it doesn’t take long until everything is a mess. Those cubes help you to save space (VERY IMPORTANT). It`s easy to pack and you can have sections for different belongings, so you will always stay as organised as possible. There are different brands offering them, but those are mine with the cheapest price and I am very happy about them. You can also fold the cubes very small, so they won’t take a lot of space when you are not using them. 

3. Sleeping mask

This mask makes my hostel nights much better. If you’ve stayed in a hostel before, you know that in can be quite annoying that everyone goes to sleep/wakes up at a different time. To not be bothered by any light and to have a good sleep (which is important!!) I use this mask. What I like about this one in particular, is that it’s very thin and doesn’t take any space, it’s very soft so you feel like you aren’t even wearing something on your face and it has an adjustable band, so it won’t fall off.

4. Powerbank/Portable charger

If you have an iPhone this is THE Powerbank for you. It’s super small, you don’t need an extra cable to charge and it lasts a good long time. I recommend you to always bring it everywhere, because faster than you think you are alone somewhere, your phone is dead and you have no idea where you are. (Yes unfortunately I’m talking out of experiences) 

5. Sleeping bag

I love my sleeping bag. Sometimes it happens that the hostel bed sheets aren’t the cleanest, bring your own sleeping bag to put under the blanket and you will always be on the safe site.I got so used to it, that I even do it at very clean hostels, just because I like having my own bag around me. This one is so tiny that it won’t take any space and you’ll love it. 

6. Padlocks

A lot of hostels do not have padlocks on their locker and expect you to bring your own. Since you don’t know the shape of the locker, it can be good to have a flexible padlock like this one. I also think it’s great to bring one with numbers, so you don’t need to take care of the small key. (I once met a girl who lost it and couldn’t go on her flight the next day, because all her things were locked away).

7. Microfiber towel

We are speaking of practicable, space saving products again. A towel like this is a must have. It is small to pack and it dries off immediately and is also very affordable.

8. Ear plugs

This product fullfills the same problem as my sleeping mask does. We already have the eyes covered for a good sleep in hostel room, so now the ears are the only missing part. People will walk, talk, phone, open/close the door and their lockers and so on. If you want to get a calm sleep, these tiny things are a must have. (Disclaimer: You’ll loose them fast so better buy more)

9. Thin fanny pack

This is a thin belt with a pocket in which fit all your important documents, your wallet and your phone. For train stations, airports or on city trips this belt always makes me feel safe. You keep it under your tshirt or hoodie and no one would ever recognise it. KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE: 

10. Thin, foldable rain coat

I always struggle with what clothes (especially jackets) I should take with me. I have one backpack but I travel to different places with different weather conditions. That rain coat fits in everything, you can fold it so tiny but it will always protect you from rain and wind and it also doesn’t look too bad for a rain coat. 

11. A travel journal

A travel journal. I always write everything that happened down in the evening. I feel like this is such a nice and personal way to keep memories alive forever, so that you can always go back to them. This journal was created by me. It’s very light, the perfect travel size and it will also help you to plan your trip perfectly. There is enough space for bucket lists, packing lists, trip information, notes, etc… 

12. pocket knife

Last but not least. Take a multifunctional pocket knife. This is always useful. 

13. Neck pillow

For long train/plane/car trips or nights at the airport this pillow is a must-have. This is a double set and the cheapest one as well. It’s inflatable, so it doesn’t take any space away. 

13. universal travel adapter

Ive almost forgotten to pack this, but in case you’re traveling to a country with different sockets, this adapter is perfect. It has usb connections and you can use your normal adapter as well. 

14.first aid kid

A small first aid kit should always be in your backpack!

NOTE: I want to mention that I get a tiny commission of every sale made through this link. This doesn’t mean I made the post because of this tho. I really own all of those products and use and love them. But I’m happy for support  <3 

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