The BEST cooking class on Phuket: A must do on Phuket

My boyfriend and I have recently attended the „Thai cooking studio“ Cooking Class in Pathong (on Phuket) and it was an AMAZING experience! 

It’s well known that the thai cuisine is delicious, which is probably the fact why cooking classes are such a popular activity in Thailand. There are so many classes, that it can be hard to decide. But don’t worry! If you‘re on Phuket and looking for a cooking class, I have the perfect one for you.

I’m gonna tell you all you need to know about our experience! Here is how our day looked: 

1. Meeting Care & going to the local market



We met Care in front of her Cooking studio and she took us to a local market to get the ingredients for our meals. We immediately liked her so much, she is a lovely person.

She explained us so many things about spices, vegetables, fruits and food in general! She even bought us some fruits and local snacks to try and rate them. (Everything was delicious!)

2. Meal preparation and cooking!

After we got back into Cares studio (a modern, very nice kitchen). We started preparing the meals, we were gonna cook. 

(You’ll cook 4 meals attending her class!!)

We cooked, mango sticky rice, pad thai, Gaeng massaman gai and Tom Yum Going (A spicy herded soup with shrimps). We started cutting the vegetables together.

Care explained everything in a very understandable way and we had so much fun with her. We cooked everything and decorated the food, so it looked nice as well. 

3. Eating!

After some hours of cooking it was finally time to eat! We were so excited. Let me tell you, the pad thai was the best one I ever had in Thailand (And I had A LOT).

We were really proud of our successful cooking and ended the day with a Polaroid photo for Cares polaroid wall with all her cooking students. 

Our four meals together!! 

You can book the cooking class either over airbnb: 

Or you can text Care directly on Instagram: 

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