Sarti, Sithonia – What to do in Sithonia

What to do in Sarti, Chalkidiki


sarti beach

Sarti is a small town located on one of the three fingers of the greek region Chalkidiki. It has a long beach with cristal clear water, perfect for people every age. There are beach bars, water fun sport activities, a couple of souvenir shops and a lot of good and pretty restaurants directly in the sand. As you can see Sarti is a very small town, but it still has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a stay, if you are looking for relaxed but not boring beach vacations. 

How to get there: From Thessaloniki you can take bus (it’s super easy and takes about 3 hours) or rent a car 

Things to do around Sarti

Scooter Rental

The best way to discover Sithonia is by car or scooter. You can rent a scooter for only 20Euros a day. Just by driving around you will get to amazing view points and bays with the bluest water ever. 

Orange beach

My personal favourite beach is the orange beach. It is very popular so you should visit it early in the morning.

5 steps in the sand

Beautiful restaurant with an amazing view and awesome tzatziki!




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