Hostel recommendations in Thailand

The best way to save money and to get friends is to stay at hostels! Most places in Thailand have amazing, very modern hostels. (We even had double beds at several hostels and paid even less). So here are my favorite hostels all around Thailand.

Bangkok Hostels

I have stayed in three different hostels in Bangkok, since I have visited it several times. All of them were really nice, in good locations, had privacy curtains and lockers.

  1. Bed station hostel: A very nice social place, with a pool, near Khao San road (still not loud at night) and so on.     View here
  2. Social capsule: This hostel is located almost next to the bed station hostel and a very nice, modern place as well. View here
  3. Tropical summer: I preferred the location of the other two hostels, but this one was nice and clean as well and had an amazing rooftop terrace with a good view over Bangkok. 

Chiang Mai

The common hostel: This hostel was perfect, everything was amazing (except the breakfast). It’s a really modern place, very good located and with very nice staff as well. 

View here


There are several locations of this hostel in Thailand. While I didn’t hear good things about the one in Bangkok for example, the one on PHUKET was really good. We didn’t get much of the „party“ part of the hostel, the rooms were quiet and clean and it was the cheapest hostel I have ever visited (I think I paid 3€ per person when we extended there). 

Koh Samui:

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